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First Aid Homeopathy


1. Colds- Aconite 30 alternate Arsenic 30 4pills each every 3 hourly in watery colds with sneezing.

2.Cough- Bryonia 30 4 hourly for dry coughs,for very dry cough Spongia 30 anf for loose cough white phlegm Ipecac 30 alternate Hepar Sulph 30 every 3 hourly.

3.Fevers- Aconite 30 two dose followed by Bryonia 30 3 horly in simple fevres.In summers Gelsemium 30 3 houly and inrainy season Rhus Tox 30 3 hourly.Bio com No-11 4 tabs 4 hourly in allcases.

4.Indigestion- Pulsatilla 30 alternate Nux Vom 30 evry 2 hourly.If nausea is more then Ipecac 30.

5.Loose Motions- Aloes 30 alternate Podophyllum 30 2 hirly.Bio Com No- 8 4 tabs 3 hourly.

6.Injuries- Arnica 30 in all cases every 3hourly.Calendula ointment in open wounds as an external application.

7.Headache- Belladona 30 evry 3 hourly with Bio Com No- 12 4 tabs 3 hourly.

8.Muscular Pains- Arnica M 30 altenate Rhus Tox 30 evry 3 hourly.

9.Slkeeplessness- Kali Phos 6X 4 Tbs 4 times a day and Pssiflora In Q 10 drops in half cup of water half hour before sleep.

10Heart Patients- and those suffering from H.B.P etc shpuld take Crategus Q 10 drops in half cup of water after meals twicw a day along with thier usual medication. 



Measles- Morbillinum 200 two doses mor and evening one day repeat after a weak if necessary.

Chicken Pox- Variolinum 200 two doses mor even one day repeat after a week if necssary.

Dengu- Eupatorium perf 200 two doses once a week

Viral Fever- in summers Gelsemium 200 two doses once a week

N.B- Consult your homeopath if you don't get relef in a day or two.


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