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Homeopathy Home Kit


Homeopathy home kit has 15 Specific Medicines for the  home treatment of various common day to day ailments.This kit is evolved after many years of research.These are combinations of tried and tested homeoapthic remedies which are very useful and effective for the treatment of common ailments ands are totally free from any side effects.Instructions are as follws.


Remedy No-1 Cold Pills-A : For acute cold,sneezing,running,watery discharge from nose.

Remedy No-2  Cold Pills-B : For second stage of cold when the nasal discharge become yellow thick and there is stoppage of nose.

Remedy No-3 Cough Pills-A : For dry,irritating cough.

Remedy N0-4 cough Pills-B : For loose cough with phlegm,also for rattling cough.

Remedy No-5 Fever Pills : General medicine for fevers.

Remedy No-6 Anti-Flu Pills : For flu and viral fevers.

Remedy No-7 A.T.Pills : For any type of injury,strains and sprains

Remedy No-8 R.A.Pills : A general medicine for joint and muscular pains.

Remedy No-9 Headache Pills : A general medicine for ordinary headache.

Remedy No-10 Throat pills : For pain in throat,hoarseness,tonsillitis.

Remedy No-11 Dige Pills : For indigestion and gastric disturbances,nausea and vomiting.

Remedy No-12 Gasgo Pills : For gas problems,eructaions,distension and irregular bowel habits.

Remedy No-13 Colic Pills : For pain in abdomen esp in infants and children.

Remedy No-14 Diarrhoea Pills : A general remdy for loose motions.

Remedy No-15 Calming Pills : A great remedy for the effects of anxiety,temsion,depression and sleeplessness.

Dosage : 4 Pills every 4 hours or 4 times a day.

N.B : Avoid taking any food or drink(except water) 15 min before & after taking medicine.Always store the medicine in cool place away fromdirect sunlight for a longer shelf life.There is noexpiry,medicines asre effective until pills get discoloered aand yellowish.

For any queries and for purchasing ther kit you are welcomed to contact me.

Contact No-  9899606804

Email- drkapoor@yahoo.com


This kit is no replacement for the consultation of a qualified homeopath.For the treatment of recurrent acute and chronic diseases always consult a qualified homeopath who will prescribe after a through case taking.






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